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Douglas Siekierski


Douglas Siekierski has more than 25 years of experience as COO, CFO and CCO with global asset managers, and has worked together professionally with Trajectoire’s Founder for more than the last 20 years.


Douglas was the Founder and principal of SCF Holdings, a strategic advisor to asset managers, wealth managers and family offices with respect to financial operations and business development, with clients including Trajectoire and its Founder since 2015.


Until 2015 he was the President of UBP Alternative Investments where he was responsible for business development and operational infrastructure. He was also Partner, COO and acting CFO of Nexar Capital Group, a $3bn alternative investment manager that was later acquired by UBP.  Mr. Siekierski started working with Arie in 2005 as Global COO of SGAM AI hedge funds unit where he managed all non-investment functions.


He was also the COO of Safra Asset Management Inc. and COO of Alpha Investment Management where SGAM AI was the largest client since 2000.


Douglas Siekierski received a B.Sc. in Accountancy from Villanova University.

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