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Cyril Bériot

Partner Head of Business Development

Cyril Beriot is a Partner and Head of Business Development at Trajectoire Capital Limited. Cyril joined TCG in October 2021 after 29 years’ experience in financial markets, trading and selling derivative instruments for large institutions.


He started his career in Chicago in 1992 trading currency options on the CME for Société Générale group. After spending four years in Chicago he moved to France to develop the currency options market making operation on the MATIF. Cyril then moved to Société Générale head office to run the European currency options market making desk. After 13 years of trading FX options and futures, Cyril moved to London to become Managing Director and Head of FX European trading and sales for Société Générale. He then moved to Citibank as a Managing Director in its FX department. In 2003 Cyril joined H2O AM as Managing Director and Partner to develop their offshore business, targeting medium to large institutional investors in both US and Europe.


Cyril graduated from Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris.

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